Roy V. I, Dr. Janardhanan K A


Private educational institutions join forces with public educational institutions in an attempt to enhance the educational environment. This study aims to elucidate the importance of conflict management in the governance of private universities, encompassing academic disciplines, facilities, infrastructure, and student affairs. Additionally, the researcher will showcase how conflicts are effectively addressed at research locations. Case studies and qualitative research are used in the research design. The research was conducted at a private university, overseen by the Coordinator of Private College VII-East Java. Data were gathered through interviews, observations, and documents. Single-case analysis was utilised to analyse the data, and triangulation was employed to ensure its accuracy. The findings demonstrated that conflict management is strongly represented in each study program's features at the institution, which featured six faculties, twelve study programmes, and two postgraduate programmes. Nevertheless, in the realm of human resources, facilities, and infrastructure, a conflict management approach is implemented to prioritize management-style activities, even though the effectiveness of this approach in promoting professional growth among teachers has not been adequately proven. The Institute for Research on Learning and Teaching (IRLT) has discovered that conflicts are rare in the academic sector due to the utilization of an Academic Information System that meticulously outlines all assessment criteria. Although the avoidance of conflict management method is less exact, it is the case that third-party involvement and self-regulation are used to resolve conflicts. Effectiveness can be achieved when a private university engages in activities that demonstrate activity, usefulness, and suitability, all aligned with the intended objective.

Keyword : Effectiveness, Conflict Management, Private University, Management Efforts

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January 11, 2024
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