Mr. Xinyang Bi, Dr Pat kotchapakdee, Dr Sarawadee Phuchomsri


This paper deeply explores the Transformation of Director Mode in Shanghai's New Performing Arts Space, focusing on the integration of drama theme and commerciality, stage image and publicity and marketing, actor action and audience participation. Based on the relevant theories of Stanislavsky's System and Lehmann's post-dramatic theater, the research perspective is constructed and analyzed with typical cases. This paper expounds the Transformation of the director of New Performing Arts Space compared with the director of traditional theater, which is embodied in how the director integrates commercial elements into the theme reasonably and naturally to realize the organic combination of business and theme. How to build a publicity and marketing strategy by constructing a rich and diversified stage image; How to create a real and immersive drama space by strengthening the two-way interaction between actors and audiences. This Transformation of the Director Mode has promoted the expansion of the theater industry to a more commercial, innovative and interactive experiential direction, brought new vitality to the industry, and has positive significance for the long-term prosperity and cultural inheritance of the theater.

Keyword : New Performing Arts Space, Theatre, Director Mode, Stanislavsky's System, Lehmann, Post-theatre, Audience

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March 26, 2024
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