Abdullah Faizi, Mohammad Yaqoob Sharafat


Afghanistan has had multiple revolutions over the past 40 years, and in addition to affecting political and social dynamics, trade in Afghanistan has been dramatically impacted. Afghanistan made considerable changes in many areas, especially in trade. The Taliban retook control on August 15, 2021, marking the most recent government transition. The unanticipated takeover by the Taliban significantly impacted the Afghan economy. The study compares Afghanistan's trading situation before and after Taliban control. The research responds to the following queries: What did the previous Afghan government do regarding trade? What are the most significant obstacles to trade in the Taliban government? What are the trade repercussions of Afghanistan's post-Taliban rule? The mixed approach has been applied based on secondary data from websites, research papers, news programs, and journals. According to the report, trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan increased in the fiscal year 2021–22 compared to the previous year. Afghanistan posted a surplus of 77M US$ due to significant resource exports, particularly coal. With a 23% growth in trade exports increased with Turkey. However, the number of exports and imports to the rest of the globe decreased. Despite not acknowledging the Taliban government's legitimacy, it is essential to note.

Keyword : Afghanistan, Surplus, Exports, Imports, Economy, Taliban, Takeover

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August 08, 2023
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