Heming Liu ,*, Fugao Jiang


China middle school students Taekwondo League, as the highest level of taekwondo events for middle school students, is an important part of middle school sports events. The development of the league can not only enrich sports activities, mobilize the enthusiasm of middle school students for sports, but also conducive to the improvement of students' will quality and psychological quality as well as training reserve talents. With the rapid development of taekwondo League for middle school students, problems such as imperfect market organization and operation system, unreasonable competition system and imperfect management system of sports teams have been exposed, which affect the sustainable development of the competition to a certain extent. This paper mainly uses the SWOT AHP research method to explore the market commercialization status quo, existing problems and development strategies of Chinese middle school students Taekwondo League, so as to provide theoretical basis for other related studies.

Keyword : market operation, SWOT analysis, AHP hierarchical analysis

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October 15, 2023
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