Anan Abu Ras, Dr. Ali Tatar


A growing body of literature has attempted to explore how to improve elderly services management and promote optimal care and support for aging persons. While research has shown the important role of elderly services management on aging populations, little is known regarding the impact of elderly services management on the well-being of the Arab elderly population in Israel. The objective of the current study was to explore the management of elderly services in the Arab sector of Israel impact the well-being of the Arab elderly population. A mixed method research was used to collect relevant data from 385 senior citizens aged 65 years and above who are receiving elderly services support. Surveys were used to collect views of the elderly persons. The data was supplemented using interview responses from 65 service providers and 60 family members. Findings showed that various strategies are used to facilitate the elderly services management in the Arab sector of Israel. The strategies include family involvement, close consultation with family members, regional coordination, close support to meet tailored needs, and awareness creation. Family members were largely optimistic about elderly services management offered their relatives. Care providers were also optimistic about the support they provide to the elderly. However, the elderly felt that some of their needs were not met including urgent access to services during emergencies, difficult locating physical location of service providers, and delays in responses. Even so, participants noted that elderly services management is an essential need for society and the aging population of elderly Arabs in Israel in terms of enhancing their well-being. Potential factors that affect the well-being of the elderly Arab population across the Arab sector of Israel include dwelling conditions, self-rated health, functional ability, economic level, level of social support, loneliness, health services satisfaction, and depression. In future, there is need to research more on how elderly services management could address these challenges to ensure optimal life experience among the aging persons from the Arab sector of Israel.

Keyword : Elderly Services Management, Arab Elderly, Well-being,

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September 05, 2023
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